Teen-agers, Moscow, Russia (Source: JG-House)

The moment I took the final step up the wide staircase and reached the third floor of the MS Sergei Yesenin, I stopped and looked out the window of the door leading to the upper deck of the boat.

Waterfront, Moscow River, Russia (Source: JG-House)


Natasha had told us that morning over breakfast in the dining room on the second floor of the boat she was planning to take us to Red Square as well as Saint Basil’s Cathedral and the Kremlin.

Downtown Shopping District, Moscow, Russia (Source: JG-House)


On Red Square, when Natasha heard a mobile phone start to ring, she stopped, suddenly. The rest of the group continued walking.

Waitress, Moscow, Russia (Source: JG-House)


On the second level of GUM, not far from the Louis Vuitton boutique, a young woman with short, black hair and a red shirt wiped a glass-topped table with a rag. The table was opposite an ice cream store. The waitress darted across the polished stone floor of the walkway and went back inside the small ice cream shop.

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