Wage War on Corruption

The people of Mexico must fight four wars to save their country, according to some analysts. The first is a war on corruption; the second, criminality; the third, poverty; and the fourth, U.S. meddling.

Young Woman Carrying a Snack, Oaxaca City, Mexico (Source: JG-House)

Understand the Problem

From the beginning of his campaign to be Mexico’s next leader, López Obrador has pledged to root out corruption from its place at the heart of the nation’s political and economic systems. However, more recently, the 65-year-old man from the Mexican state of Tabasco also has shown that he’s just starting to grasp the magnitude of the problem.

Street Vendor, Oaxaca City, Mexico (Source: JG-House)

Reform the System

On October 19, 2018, at the University of California San Diego, a group of prominent academics and journalists from Mexico and the United States convened a conference with the president of the new political party, called Morena, which is at the center of López Obrador’s incoming administration.

Son with Father, Oaxaca City, Mexico (Source: JG-House)

Take a New Approach

Is it a sign that the incoming administration of López Obrador doesn’t intend, after all, to take the steps necessary to root out corruption in Mexico?

Painting by Bonifacio García, Oaxaca, Mexico

End Impunity

But all of the participants at the recent conference at the University of California San Diego agreed that it was time to bring an end to a long-standing culture of impunity in Mexico. “The moment is right to start holding public officials accountable for their actions,” said Polevnsky Gurwitz. “We have the mandate of the people and we have the power structure we need to take effective action.”

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