Girl, Oaxaca, Mexico (Source: JG-House)

Will Oaxaca’s Corn Farmers Go North?

Each year rising temperatures and dwindling water supplies will lead to the failure of increasing numbers of crops on farms across the globe. At a time of de-stabilizing climate change, the people who work the land, from small farmers eking out an existence to agribusiness giants pursuing profits, will have to find new ways of producing food.

Mexico’s Total Agricultural Production (in tons)

2018 (forecast) versus 2017

Will Oaxaca's corn farmers go north?
Source: Servicio de Información Agroalimentaria y Pesquera (SIAP)


More specifically, in June of 2018, a drought occurred at precisely the wrong time. The drought, which lasted for the entire month, as well as part of July, prevented farmers from irrigating their fields sufficiently during the most important stage of the growing season.

Will Oaxaca's corn farmers go north?
Men and Women on Street, Oaxaca, Mexico (Source: JG-House)

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